Expert in generating additional revenue for your current real estate assets. Through our vast array of advertising clients, we provide a unique opportunity to place large-format campaigns on your high-profile, vacant retail properties, walls or unused assets.
From obtaining government approvals, installing state-of-the-art signage, selling advertising, managing collection and payables, Pearl Media provides a full-service, turnkey solution to produce significant revenue for your real estate assets.

We pride ourselves on forming true, long-term partnerships with our properties, as our real estate relationships are the backbone of our business!!

A partnership with PEARL MEDIA will ultimately:
  • Subsidize income while your retail space sits vacant
  • Provide long-term additional revenue via wall or bulletin advertising
  • Add a new, significant revenue stream to your business
  • Add attractive, large-format advertising to your properties that will increase visibility and recognition to prospective tenants

The process is completely turnkey as well. Pearl Media handles all of the following:
  • All government and city approvals and permit process
  • Find the advertiser and execute contract agreement
  • Provide artwork for your approval
  • Handle all printing and press checks
  • Manage all legal and documentation
  • Oversee Installation & Removal
  • Always leave the property looking exactly as it did when we got there (usually better!)
  • Provide fast and significant payment

For more information on how to start generating revenue on your vacant retail properties or existing real estate assets, please contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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